Frozen Abdomen: Changing concepts and avoiding extensive utilization of expensive tools

A 46 years old patient from USA with status after multiple gynecological surgeries (fibroids, hysterectomy, one with an enterotomy and secondary peritonitis. She developed recently severe pain, nausea and vomiting and was not able to maintain everyday activity. A laparoscopy was performed in the USA at an adhesion center (1 year before our surgery) and the renowned and experienced adhesions surgeon was not able to take the adhesions down, and only diagnosed the patient with a “frozen abdomen” and finally did not perform any surgery. He claimed that “the surgery would not benefit the patient”, which is difficult to understand looking at the severe symptoms of the patients and her miserable condition.After our surgery, which was complicated and extended to three laparoscopic procedures, whereas the first surgery took five hours, we could take down 90 % of her adhesions and clear all the pain related adhesions to the abdominal wall. Special tools in the postoperative treatment concept helped to reduce adhesions reformation and in the 3rd look laparoscopy there was no adhesions reformation.After survey she was already able to eat normal food and the nausea and vomiting has stopped completely. Her bowel movements came to a normal every day condition and now she is back home in the USA, recuperating and starts to enjoy her life again and is able to function in a normal every day activity.

Her story should be inspirational to others not to give-up, but to educate themselves about treatment possibilities. When other surgeons say “we can’t do anything for you”, Dr. Kruschinski and EndoGyn still offer a full range of options to receive a normal life and conditions. Even the cost is one fifth of the cost for adhesiolysis surgery in the US and many insurances will reimburse it.