Adhesions after C-Section – Always possible!

Obstetricians are often ready if it comes to perform a C-Section without a real medical indication!But we need to know that a C-Section is often a serious reason to develop severe adhesions with the typical symptoms and complications of Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD)!And since long time there is a “trend” in performing c-sections with the “Misgav-Ladach” technique which teaches to not closing the abdominal layers, like peritoneum and abdominal muscle but to leave that abdominal layers layers open. The only advantage it has is “time saving” during c-section. Another hypothetical advantage is a “faster recovery” (I don’t know to why a patients was to recover faster, if the anatomical structures and layers are not closed correctly?). Anyway, in fact, their is a time saving of around 10 minutes, but the disadvantage is the trend of developing adhesions and massive hernias of the abdominal muscle and risking, few patients will suffer from Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD) and / or from hernias which can be easily avoided by just suturing the layers during a c-section. 

Some Examples are discussed above, that include uterine – bladder – adhesions – abdominal hernias.