Bowel adhesions right and left pelvic brim in a male patient

A 36 years young male patient from Channel Island with status after ruptured appendix at age of thirty one with an abdominal abscess, the surgery was performed by laparotomy. Following this surgery he suffered continuous persistent abdominal pain. Many diagnostic tests (CT scans, ultrasounds, blood tests, stool tests, colon biopsy) over the time and nothing was found to be abnormal. A year later he underwent a laparoscopy with adhesiolysis, where Adept was used as an adhesions barrier. After discharge from the hospital he developed and abdominal infection due to the Adept became contaminated with E-coli bacterias. In an emergency procedure the fluid was drained twice. Since this procedure he has been in constant pain, managed by high does of Fentanyl and OxyContin and injections to the nerves. Finally his aunt read about the adhesiolysis procedure at EndoGyn and he came over with his father. We could take all the adhesions down and apply SprayShield as adhesions barrier. Already after this surgery he was much better and the second look on day seven after initial surgery showed no adhesions reformation. He left home with a significant pain reduction and could already here lower his OxyContin medication to half of the amount when he came in. The other pain medication he can reduce at home and slowly you out of any pain medication.