Endometriosis – the number one cause for adhesion formation

Endometriosis is the number one cause for formation of adhesions in women of reproductive age. If we add the surgeries for endometriosis to the causes of adhesions one can refer to endometriosis as the most important factor contributing to adhesion formation and Adhesion Related Disorder in women.A simple explanation: Endometriosis spots in the peritoneal cavity produce blood and inflammation thus result in adhesion formation. Adhesions and endometriotic inflammation adhere organs to each other, like uterus with ovaries and tubes. Surgical procedures for endometriosis remain high-risk procedures that produce adhesions again and again. Most of these surgeries are performed without any adhesion barriers so the reformation of adhesions is most relevant and contributing factor to pelvic pain, infertility and bowel symptoms.Severe adhesions in high stages of endometriosis finally form the “frozen pelvis” we all know in women with endometriosis and recurrent surgeries. Both, endometriosis and adhesions finally let organs adhere to each other and in cases of bowel may result in an bowel obstruction and “frozen abdomen”