Example: Adhesions after Laparoscopy-a-myth?

A young girl of 14 who had laparoscopic appendectomy and was ill since than for 2 years. She could not go to school, was bedridden and suffered from nausea and vomiting.And what did the doctors say ?“She is becoming a teenager with psycho somatic symptoms”AND

“Laparoscopy does not make adhesions!”

The fact that laparoscopy does not make adhesions is a myth and if we as doctors / surgeons just believe the patients who had ANY other surgery before and nothing else was found, THAN she has ADHESIONS for sure!

Just take a look and heal!

It is such a simple procedure and we as doctors /surgeons are there to provide help and WE evidently CAN HELP!

And avoid such catastrophic results!

And if one does’t believe the patients, so we should at least believe studies:

The SCAR 1 and 2 study reveales that laparoscopic procedures can be associated with a high incidence of adhesion-related readmissions and that high-risk laparoscopies (e.g. endometriosis surgery, adhesiolysis) have a higher risk of adhesion formation and reformation.

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