Frozen Abdomen: Changing concepts and avoiding extensive utilization of expensive tools

Adhesiolysis surgery on a Frozen Abdomen results in a huge wounded area. To cover such an extensive area with SprayShield is nearly impossible and would take 5-8 kits of SprayShield, this 3500$-5000$!So together with surgery and 2nd look you would need to invest around 15.000$-20.000$!
To avoid such extreme expenses we have developed new techniques and new procedures to reduce SprayShield and have now for such kind of “frozen abdomen” a modified procedure, that allows to reduce SprayShield by combining with the Adept solution.I want to demonstrate one of this cases for the first time online:

A 53 years old woman from Germany who had an abdominal hysterectomy with and hematoma and peritonitis post-operatively. She presents herself with a 70% Frozen Abdomen and severe adhesions from the level of the liver.