Frozen Abdomen – The concept is becoming standard at Adhesiologicum

Our concept for adhesiolysis surgery for a Frozen Abdomen is being used now over two years and more than 75 cases with excellent results and outcome.

To conquer the huge huge wounded area many techniques playing together are necessary. Special surgical procedures and effective adhesion barriers like SprayShield and Adept with re-surgeries, including a decent medical and nutrition concept present the key to success of adhesiolysis for a Frozen Abdomen. Undoubtedly the reliable and motivated patient trusting the success of the concept plays a dominant part of the procedure itself.

I would like to demonstrate another of this cases online: A 47 years old woman from USA who had multiple abdominal surgeries, previous bowel resection and bowel obstructions. She presents herself with a Frozen Abdomen and severe adhesions from the level of the liver down to the pelvis. During the first adhesiolysis procedure October 2012 we were able to take down all adhesions from the abdominal wall down to the level of the lateral internal Rectus abdominal muscle.

Another procedure in March 2014 was necessary. In this procedure we could confirm that there was no adhesions reformation in all areas of the previous surgery and we could further dissect the entire adhesions from the abdominal sidewalls.