Symptoms after endometriosis surgery? Adhesions might be the reason!

Did you have endometriosis surgery and still having issues ?
Your surgery was performed by an endometriosis expert and you still have symptoms, so you should know that in most cases it is not endometriosis anymore, as endometriosis was cured by your expert endometriosis surgeon, performing radical excision of the endometriosis spots.You are now dealing with adhesions, on one hand with post-surgical adhesions and on the other with endometriosis related adhesions as probably some active endometriosis spots were still left behind or could not be removed completely to preserve organ function.Your symptoms might include: pulling sensations, bloating, cramping, deep pelvic pain, pain with radiations towards the legs or your back, pain during defecation and sexual intercourse.You are now on the pathway of post-surgical and endometriosis related adhesions, which have to be treated surgically by a surgeon with expertise in adhesiolysis and with proper surgical techniques and special adhesion barriers that evidently stop a reformation of adhesions, otherwise your adhesions will come back immediately after every surgery without those adhesions prevention tools.

And the more surgeries you will undergo, thinking or making believing that you still have endometriosis, the more adhesions will reform and you might end-up with a “frozen abdomen” or with a dangerous bowel obstruction.

The above patient had extensive radical surgery for endometriosis and still had plenty of symptoms that made her thinking, her endometriosis was back. After checking social facebook groups on adhesions and speaking with adhesions patients, she realized that her symptoms might be adhesions.